Independence Pedicabs can be used in any number of ways and you can choose from so many options:

 -Transport the bride & groom, the entire wedding party, and/or guests from the wedding to the reception.
  -Transport the bride & groom from the reception to their accommodations.
  -Transport guests from the reception to parking or accommodations.
  -Transport the bride or the wedding party to the wedding ceremony.

Pedicabs not only provide comfortable “green” transportation for the bride and groom and/or wedding party, but they also work well for elderly grandparents, children, and disabled guests who are unable to traverse long walks or difficult terrain.

Special Events


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Corporate Events

If you’re planning a special event, why not hire Independence Pedicabs to provide the transportation? We can pick up attendees at any location and deliver them to the destination of your choosing. This is the safe, environmentally friendly way to get around town and we can provide an amazing advertising campaign for your event at the same time.

Imagine enjoying your next corporate event or convention without worrying about transportation for attendees. Independence Pedicabs takes all the stress out of getting around the downtown area and allows you and your people to simply enjoy the amazing city of Orlando/Kissimmee. You can rent out our pedicabs for the whole day, the evening or anytime you need them. No more worrying with parking or renting a vehicle.

This fully customizable tour allows you to choose your own destinations. We know that you are a very unique individual and we want to give you the opportunity to create your own tour. If you’re into shopping, visit many of the quaint boutiques and meander among the lovely shops to find bargains galore. Orlando offers dozens of restaurants, bars and museums, all for your enjoyment.

Whatever tour you choose, Independence Pedicabs gets you there safely and you’ll enjoy the ride. Forget about trying to find parking and walking long distances to and from your destination. Take a pedicab instead!

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