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Throughout the scenic streetfront, visitors will find something for every taste and budget. And while they’re exploring the International Drive area, your advertisement is being driven all over this popular area. Imagine you company’s brand name, message and logo being driven around the streets of the city…not at 50 mph like a city bus or other auto, but slowly so that everyone can easily read and understand your message.
Pedicab advertising has quickly become a favorite for big companies like HBO, HP, ABC, FOX and many others. From airlines and travel agents to sporting goods, there’s no product or service that would not benefit from Pedicab advertising.

Case Studies

- Name a Market

- Set a Duration

- Make an Objective

- We Create a Solution

- Ends with Results

If your company has an exhibition at the convention center in an upcoming trade-show, it’s important to attract as many visitors as possible. After all, you’ve spent a considerable amount of time and money putting together your trade show display and your goal is success. For those who are sponsoring an event to be held at the Orange County Convention Center or a International Drive hotels, the most important aspect is simply to get people in and interested in your exhibit.

That’s exactly what pedicab advertising does…it gives you a chance to reach out to potential customers wherever they are. Convention goers may be shopping, dining out, or strolling along the streetfront and see your ads riding by on a pedicab.

Our drivers can also distribute flyers, coupons, business cards, brochures, samples or other marketing materials to your prospects and convention center attendees outside of the venue at various locations.

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People love Pedicabs! They enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and your business can enjoy this all-new and truly effective method of advertising. We also offer breathtaking tours of the streetfront community and excellent attractions. Tourists can experience the true flavor of this amazing city while enjoying a scenic ride along the scenic area.
International Drive is well known for its incredible restaurants, hotels, shops, and attractions. There’s always something entertaining to do in the area and tourists often spend all day partaking of the distinctive character and flavor of the area. This gives your business a markable opportunity to create brand awareness to visitors literally from all over the world.